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Sanjay Gandhi College of Education

Principal's Message

“A desire can change nothing, a decision can change something, but a determination can change everything”.
Empowerment of student teachers for their all-round development through education is the cherished motto of Sanjay Gandhi College of Education. Today education means much more than merely acquiring knowledge. It is acquisition of knowledge and skills, building character and future leadership. We at Sanjay Gandhi College of Education create a safe social and physical environment that helps all our student teachers to learn and help them to be good citizens endowed with humanistic values. The college has been committed to academic excellence with social justice. The college takes pride in being a place where students and faculty can pursue knowledge without boundaries. We strive to establish a vibrant learning environment where the teacher and student are engaged in a collaborative partnership of expanding the horizons of their knowledge and skills through mutual support. We are deeply committed to a sustained effort in establishing benchmarks in every aspect of educational process. The synergetic efforts of management, teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students, who have been working as a team with an excellent cooperation and zeal, helped the institution to grow from stature to strength in the pursuit of knowledge and excellence. We are proud of being the significant part of such a wonderful institution dedicated to the cause of better society and towards making this institution a temple of learning through our diligence, devotion and dedication.
Dr R Lathakumari